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Intro from Palmetto/Bradenton

Hi! I am new to this board and would like to see if any other women are from my area~ This is our first month TTC ;o) Thanks!

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  • Hey! I live in Palmetto. I am usually on the 1st Trimester Board these days and will be going over to the 2nd soon! Good Luck TTC, we conceived the first month we tried so good baby dust is coming your way! I pop over here every once in a while, not too many people from our area on this board that I have seen! Good Luck!!
  • I'm in Bradenton
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  • CarissaA~
    Hey! Your twins are so cute!! Did you get married at the Sandbar? I worked there for 10 years and could pick it out from any other place, it's magical!
  • CarissaA~I just noticed in your bio you got married at the Beachhouse!! Just as great- I worked there for a few years too!!!! Love it!
  • Well I'm glad to know that a few ladies are from my area~ I'll keep in touch on this board~Hopefully some others will introduce themselves~
  • Hey, I just replied to you on the West Coast FL nestie board... it looks like there are a few people nearby - maybe we can organize a GTG soon.

    I'd looove to talk about TTC with you... it took us 3 years to get pregnant because I have PCOS. I am due in only 3 days now, phew. Email me any time at Litter Of 1 (no spaces.) Good luck!
  • yes we got married at the beach house they did a great job it was so much fun

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  • I live in Bradenton as well.
  • SarahgraceSC-I saw some of your posts and was thinking you are probably in this area! Looks like a sign from myakka... I usually don't post too much, too tired...

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