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O.K. How much spitup is too much?

All of a sudden it seems like Nate is spitting up a lot more. I am also getting pretty frustrated about the spitups so it may be they are bugging me more.

I can't lay the kid down. Even if I have held him for an hour and a half the crap will spew as soon as the kid gets horizontal. This makes floor therapy pretty stressful because you are trying to avoid changing bibs and/or clothes for the upteenth time....

He had low trunk tone at birth which I think is getting better. Will prevacid help with this at all? If it is a musculature thing I am not sure how asking the pedi for a reflux prescription will help....

Any advice??? Maybe it is a four month thing or growing thing....I am just sick of smelling like barf.

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Re: O.K. How much spitup is too much?

  • Prevacid is mainly used to help ease with the discomfort of reflux and spitting up but not really stopping it.  Both of my twins had horrible reflux when they were younger and were both on prevacid bc you could tell they were really uncomfy during/after feedings.  The spitting up didn't stop though when they were on the medicine they were just not in pain anymore.

    I would call the pedi.  GL.

  • He is not uncomfortable that I can tell....he'll even sleep in it even when it is in his ear...**shudder** That is why i have just tried to suck it up hoping that the stomach will get better tone wise and the issue will resolve itself....

    My main concern is dehydration and him being able to continue to gain weight....He is 4 months old tomorrow and only 11 lbs.....We see the pedi on the 7th so I will bring it up then. I was just wondering what other solutions people may have come up with....

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  • I am sick of smelling like barf too! You are not alone!  Take heart that this will pass.

    Reflux also peaks between 4-7 months so you are in the worst of it.  Definitely talk to your doctor and consider talking to a specialist if you and your dr think that is needed.  Our specialist has been great and gotten LO more comfortable and back on track weight wise.

    So my thought is it spit up or is it vomitting? When LO reflux is not medicate properly he projectile vomits 2-4 times a day.  When medicated it then slowly decreases to spit up.  But he then spits up all the time he could have eaten 2 hours ago and change postions and he dribbles.

    The pedi does not seem to concerned unless the spit up affects weight gain. Reflux babies can have problems with weight gain, LO has to have meds to help empty his stomach so he can absorb some of the nutrition.


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  • I would definitely mention this to your pedi, but I will tell you my situation and hope that helps a bit.

     My younger daughter has really bad reflux, still at age 2.  It is terrible and I understand about how hard it is to put her down as a baby.  My daughter is still on Prevacid, but it only helps nutralize the acid (my FIL died of esophogeal cancer so that is a huge concern for me).  There was/is nothing that can really be done to help stop reflux, some people just have it bad.

    However, my older daughter never really had reflux.  Then all of a sudden at 4 months she started spitting up a lot!  I told her pedi and she said that a lot of babies go through a reflux stage between 4-6 months as their muscles are starting to get stronger.  This is also when my dd started to sit up on her own and roll more often.  The increased movement just sort of gave her reflux until her throat and stomach muscles strengthened.  At 6 months her reflux had all but disappeared.  It was hard and frustrating to deal with the spit up for those 2 months though (little did I know then that I would have to deal with it a lot longer with my next baby).

     I'm hoping your sweet boy just has reflux due to his stage of development and that he will soon grow out of it again.  <<HUGS>>

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  • Thanks ladies! You are all awesome!

    I really hope it is his version of the "4 month wakeful". We'll just call it the "4 month pukeful"

    In the mean time, I am just feeding him less per bottle and doing more bottles.

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  • Another mom of a puker ;) DD started meds at 2 weeks for major projectile vomiting. She continues to have some issues (at 2.5, she's still very very sensitive), but isn't on regular medicine anymore. Now it pops up when she's sick or coughing.

    One suggestion is a carseat or bouncy (supervised only) for naps. I even made-shift this incline pillow thing for diaper changes, but it was really hard to get the diaper changed with gravity pulling her down, so I learned when to do diaper changes and when NOT to.

    What I've been told is no medicine really helps to STOP the vomiting, but it can reduce the acid and chance of aspiration.

    Usually the 'spit up' looks like a whole lot more than it really is, but if it's projectile (could hit the wall on the other side of the room) you've got yourself a problem that most certainly needs medication.

    I hope the doc can help. My 2cents, don't agree to Reglan (Rx) unless it's an absolute last resort. I will withhold my soapbox on Reglan at this time. DD was always on a combination until she was nearly 2 yrs.

  • My son was a chronic spitter till a little over 1. He would spit up after every bottle and he would spit up a ton. No matter what we tried it never helped much. We did the rice in the cereal, sitting up after feeding, bouncy chair, prevacid and whatever else you can think of. Once he started solids it got a little better. I think it was more the thicker consistancy of the food that helped. We were told as long as he is gaining weight and he is not complaining than it was fine. I would def. mention it to your pedi. but if he is gaining and happy than that is a good thing.
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