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Doc/Hospital Recommendations?? Please help!

I just got home from my 24 week appointment and I'm VERY upset.  My doctor informed me that I need to switch doctors/hospitals.  My hospital is not going to have a maternity ward after Nov and I'm due at the end of Dec.  I'm very nervous to have to change doctors/hospital this far into the process.  I sort of live near Lankenau, Montgomery and Mercy Suburban.  Does anyone have any recommendations of good doctors associated with any of those hospitals?  Please help!

Re: Doc/Hospital Recommendations?? Please help!

  • Would Bryn Mawr or Paoli not be convenient?  I have references for each of them.
  • Actually, yes.  I just checked and Bryn Mawr is closer than Lankenau and Paoli is just a little further (all under 30 minutes).  It's just so sad to go from a hospital that's less than 5 miles from my house!  Please let me know if you have any good doctors from those hospitals.

    I did know someone who delivered at Bryn Mawr recently who was not happy with the nurses and stuff - thought they weren't good at explaining things and helping a new mom.  Did you (or whoever you know that delivered there) experience something different?

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  • I live in Collegeville and am making the hike to Abingington, and it is SO worth it.  This is my second baby, so I know from experience!  First off, they have a top level NICU- which is very important.  Second, they have what I, and many other girls on here consider to be the best OB around- Dr. Murphy.  He is with Abington Primary Women's Care and all of the dr's there are great.  You don't say exactly where you live, but it sounds like you life closer to Abington than me, so maybe you can consider it!

    If you don't end up going with Abington, I would definitely recommend Lankenau over the other 2 mentioned- they also have a top level NICU- the other 2 don't.  I can't rec. any doctors, unfortunetely!  GL.

  • I'm sorry to hear of all that mess. I am going to a practice at Lankenau that I like alot and I will be delivering there. Drs. Peden, McConnell, Finnegan and Belden. Check the Main Line Health Website and you'll find a few practices that deliver out of Lankenau or Bryn Mawr or Paoli. My practice exclusively delivers at Lankenau but they have a 2nd office at Paoli for office visits.
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  • I'm in Lafayette Hill, so I could get to Abington, which obviously has a great reputation...were you turned off at all by the fact that it's a teaching hospital?

    Thank you for the Lankenau and Bryn Mawr references!
  • I second Lankenau, although I have yet to deliver :)

    I go to Lawrence Park OB/GYN in Broomall, PA and they deliver there.  I love the docs at my practice!  Although they are Main Line Health, they only deliver at Lank.  I agree with pp and check out Main Line's web site for a complete list of practices and who delivers where.

    Good luck!

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  • No, I wasn't bothered by the fact that it is a teaching hospital.  Only my doctors will deliver my baby, not an intern, and when I delivered, there were no students around. Not that I would have cared at that moment- I was in another world!  And for all of my appts, I'm only ever seen by one of my doctors. 

    If this helps you:  when I was thinking of changing practices due to the distance of the hospital from home, one of the doctors told me to stick with either Lankenau or Bryn Mawr b/c of their great NICU, specifcally said to avoid Montgomery and Mercy Suburban if possible.  GL, hope you come to a decision you are happy with!
  • Thank you for the feedback!  I am thinking of nixing Montgomery or Mercy Suburban as possibilities as I haven't heard one single person that delivered at either.  I will look into the Mainline Health and the associated hospitals and Abington as those seem like the best choices.  I wonder how many other people were delivering at Chestnut Hill and having this problem!  It's stressful, but hopefully everything will turn out just fine.
  • defintitely bryn mawr- they have a NICU. my doctor is Dr. Hirshman & Dr. Castelli in King of prussia. was very happy with them 
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  • i had a GREAT experience at Bryn Mawr- the nurses were wonderful. only thing i found was that the lactation consultant there was a little pushy and opinionated-- however from my experience that seems to be par for the course with LC's-- GL!
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  • I've heard Bryn Mawr is good.  I delivered at Chestnut Hill, so I'm not really a big help.  We have had to go to bryn mawr for testing for ds and we are always happy with the staff and our treatment.
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  • I also had a great experience at Lankenau with McConnell, Belden, Peden and Finnegan.  I saw each doctor a couple of times and ultimately was delivered by c-section with Peden.  The nursing staff was awesome too and really helped me through the process.
  • I was also a pt of Chestnut Hill OB/GYN and now have to find a new practice and hospital.  I live in Lafayette Hill too and have been looking at delivering at Abington Hospital bc I've heard such good things about it.  Practices I've been looking at are Abington OB/GYN Associates, Womencare OB/GYN, and Abington Primary Women's Healthcare Group.  The last practice has an office on Bethlehem Pike in Flourtown, which is super close to Lafayette Hill.  I haven't picked one yet - not due til March.  I'd love to know if you picked one yet and what you think of the docs.

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