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DH and I are not currently TTC but hopefully will be in a few months.  We currently live in Aston and I am thinking about changing to Granite Run OBGYN at Riddle.  However we are also in the midst of trying to sell our house and move to Chester County.  If we do that do you think that keeping my OBGYN at Riddle and possibly delivering there would be too far?

Does anyone have any recommendations for OBGYN's in Chester County?  (West Grove area)

I currently go to an OBGYN near work (Norristown) and want to change before my next yearly appt. so I can have a TTC conversation with new OBGYN.  Make sense??

Sorry this is so long.  Please help!
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Re: Riddle Hospital

  • I live in Kennett Square and I go to Chester County OBGYN and will be delivering at Chester County Hospital. (Just keep in mind all of th office visits you will have to go on) So far everything has been good, and I didn't switch doctors until after I was pregnant. I don't think Riddle is too far. I have a friend who lives in KS and she delivered at Crozier with no problems. Good luck.
  • I live in West Grove and I delivered at Christiana.  At the time I was working in Wilmington, and Christiana was between home and work so it made sense given all the appts.  I go to All About Women, they have an office in the medical bldg at Christiana Hospital and I had a good experience overall with them.  I have neighbors/friends who delivered at Chester County and also at Riddle but I dont know their Drs.

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  • We moved from Delco to West Grove and I delivered DS at Riddle.  From here,  Riddle is just as far as Chester County Hospital so we stuck with Riddle - it's a straight shot down Rte 1. 

    Is Granite Run OBGYN the group with Drs. Shima and White?  I finally switched after going to them for years.  I, personally, wouldn't recommend them. 
    There's another group at Riddle - I don't know the name - that is better recommended. 

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  • I go to the other practice at Riddle...my gyn is Dr. Tirado and I saw her with my first pg (ended in m/c) and will see her Wednesday for my 1st appointment with this new pg.  My m/c and D&C was actually handled by Dr. Nelson (she is in the same practice).  My 2nd appointment with my 1st pregnancy was her and unfortunately she had to to diagnose my missed m/c. 

    Sometimes I feel like I'm just a number at the practice...but I think that's like all big OB practices.

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  • I go to Granite Run OB/GYN.  Went to Dr.Ludwig before I was pg.  She is awesome, but not OB.  I really like Dr. White who I have seen at most of my appts.  Dr. Yanez and Shima were nice too, but haven't had too mch interaction with them.  All of the staff there is great too.  I will be delivering at Riddle next month.  Have only heard goo things.  Good luck!
  • I go to Granite Run OB/GYN too and love them. I delivered at Riddle and didn't have the best experience there with the nursing staff at "the birthplace". I'm probably one of he only ones that I know that had a very bad experience. Just for starters of my experience, I felt like I was ignored by the nursing staff, the only time I saw them was if I buzzed for them. I wasn't shown how to take care of the stitches that I had. I was told by one of the nurses to read the welcome book that it will have everthing that I would need to know. Needless to say, about a week later I was back in the hospital for an infection. I was told it was because if the epidural(that I had gotten when I was 9cm), but I think it was because I didn't know how to give myself that I needed to because of the all the stitches that I had.
    Everyone's experience will be different, because my mine I most likely won't be having another baby.
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