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Hello Ladies!
I am new to this part of the nest, and am hoping to be ttc in the spring. My question for now is I'm going to go to VA to help my sister with her first baby, and am wondering if any of you moms have ideas that you would have found helpful as a new mom. I will be available and staying with her 24/7 for the first two weeks, and want to know what will make her the most comfortable. She is a single mom, due the second week of Sept.
Thanks for your time! :)

Re: helping new mom

  • When my mom came to stay with us she really helped me by letting me rest and doing some of our chores.  A few times a day, i would feed ds, then my mom would hold him until the next feeding while i slept in another room.  So helpful to get some extra sleep.  She also took care of some meals and laundry so that i could just hang out with ds.  hope this helps.
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  • Helping out with the laundry, cooking, and errands is always welcome.  It will probably be a bit overwhelming for her at first, so whatever she asks for is always helpful.  
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  • I agree with pp. My Mom stayed with us the first two weeks and having someone to do the cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. was so helpful.  That way she can focus on the baby. Also, if she was comfortable with it, you could help at night if the baby is fed but won't go back to sleep or watching the baby so she can nap.
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  • Thank you, ladies! I appreciate your time and ideas. My sister and I both say "thank you"
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