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Second internal and surprise u/s!

Well, today's appointment went well but I'm not sure how many more internal exams I can take!  I'm spotting again like I did last week and still feel a bit off - it seems like as soon as I recover I have another appointment to look forward to :(

The doctor ordered a u/s today because he thought she was laying sideways, luckily she's still head down but it was nice to see her on screen again!  He said I'm fingertip dialated but he could feel the head, eek!  I think this baby is coming no matter what!  He still thinks I have a hernia too but hopefully that will go away.  I love how he keeps saying I have an "unusual" abdomen and he's never seen anything like it.  Perhaps I should take pictures and impress people? :)  JK!

Re: Second internal and surprise u/s!

  • Tell your doc that you don't want an internal. Unless there is something potentially wrong with you or the baby (which I can't tell from your email), there's really not a reason to have an internal every time. Most doctors today are a little more flexible on this one than they used to be.

    If it makes you uncomfortable or leaves you in pain, I say tell your dr you'll do it every other visit. Your baby is going to come no matter what, so telling you that you're 1 cm or 3 cm isn't going to make that happen any faster.

    Congrats on another U/S! It's always fun to see your baby!
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