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Does your workplace provide daycare?

Which company?

Is is on the campus?

And is there/ did you have to be on a waiting list?

Do you like the service they offer?
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Re: Does your workplace provide daycare?

  • Mine doesn't but my DH works for Discovery and they just opened a brand new gorgeous day care center right in their building. He says it looks awesome. - LH
  • It's not provided, but there is a daycare in the building(Fed).  When I looked at it, it was very nice, with parents walking in and out.  There was a waiting list of a year for infants (their rationale was 9 mos pg + 3 mos maternity leave) and was $1500/month for an infant.

  • Yes - Bright Horizons

    It is in the building

    Yes there is a waiting list.  I go on it when pregnant and put DD in a 6 months (when I returned from leave)

    Yes for the most part, although I don't think the service they provide is in line with what they charge ($1815/month in downtown DC)

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