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Hello...just found out.


I just confirmed with my OBGYN yesterday that I'm 4-5 weeks pregnant! (sorry being a AW) The doctor had me do a blood test and said it was normal, but she's having me go in on Saturday for another blood test.  Is that normal? She didn't express any concern, but she said the 2nd blood test is to confirm that I'm not miscarrying??? I was a little confused by that and was wondering if anyone had a similar experience when they first found out.

Also, is there certain guidelines on selecting your OBGYN?This one the dr. I went to for my annuals, but actually, I haven't even really met the dr. vs. the nurse.

Lastly, an interesting note, the day before I decided to take the at home pregnancy test, I had a dream that our female dog had given birth to a puppy.  hmmm..baby on the brain? it was just strange that the next day is when I determined i was pregnant (early pregnancy results were very faint)..wonder if that's why they are making take these tests.

Ok..sorry for the long post...I suspect I'll be on this board quite a bit now, my experience has been that it's a great community for support, feedback, and advice.

Re: Hello...just found out.

  • Congrats!!!  This board is normally so quiet.  It's nice to see new posts.

    I think your OB is taking blood a second time to see if your beta HCG number is doubling at a normal rate.  I am not sure how common it's done.  It seems kind of common on the 1st trimester board, but then there's some people who said it's only done for high risk pregnancy.  My OB didn't do the whole beta thing.  I dont think it's something to worry about;  it might just be regular procedure at your office since every OB are so different.
  • Hmm ... that does sound a little unusual, but I wouldn't worry about it.  Most doctors don't really want to see you until you're 8-9 weeks.  It's so common to miscarry really early on - a lot of women don't even realize that it's happened, it just seems like a late period.  I had a positive preg test 2 years ago, which turned out to be a blighted ovum (fetal sac develops, body thinks you're pregnant, but embryo never develops). 

    Anyway.  Now I'm for realz pregnant.  I switched ob/gyns purely for health insurance purposes (HMO doc vs PPO doc) and while I like generally really like my ob, I would have definitely chosen differently, if I had a do-over.  We haven't had any of the "little talks" you're supposed to have about their approach to childbirth, caesarean rate, etc.  But, at the same time the amount of research and far ahead thinking I would have had to do to pick my "ideal" doctor/hospital situation (knowing what I know now) ... I don't think I would have been ready to deal with it at the very beginning.

    Any pregnancy book/planner/website will have a list of questions to ask a prospective ob/gyn.  I'm using the "Essential Pregnancy Organizer"
    http://www.pregnancyorganizer.com/ and they have a really good list of questions.

    For instance, the way my doctor's practice works, I just get whoever happens to be on call that day ... I could deliver with a doctor I've never met (or don't particularly like).  Their ultrasound machines are in a different office, so you have to make two appointments if you need an u/s. 

    If you feel like you have (or will have) a strong feeling about the way you want your pregnancy and delivery to go, then I would put some time into doing some reading, seeing what your insurance will cover, getting recommendations from other recent moms, etc.  Otherwise, just see how it goes.  You can always switch doctors if things aren't going the way you want them to.

    And last but not least, congratulations!

    (making up for quantity with ... uhhhh ... verbosity!)

  • hello and welcome.  I hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months.
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