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recommend a good prenatal yoga class?


I'm looking for a good prenatal yoga class....would you ladies have any recommendations?

Also anyone doing prenatal personal training as well? Any referrals would be greatly appreciated. 


Re: recommend a good prenatal yoga class?

  • Try Yoga Works -- there a couple of locations in Santa Monica (as well as other places throughout LA).

    Good luck,
  • Golden Bridge Yoga has a lot of pre-natal classes, but it's Kundalini style which some people love / doesn't really resonate with me.  I do pre-natal classes at City Yoga because it's my regular studio, but they only have them at the most inconvenient times.

    Yoga House in Pasadena is also really good, not sure if that's convenient for you or not.
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  • not sure where you are but my prenatal yoga instrctor was awesome.  all about building endurance during labor.  i dont think i would have gone natural w/o her!  she is in hemosa and teaches at alive and well as well as lyfe yoga.  her name is lisa.
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