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Average Daycare or Nanny Cost?

Hi Ladies,

I was just wondering if I could get an idea of how much daycare costs? I've heard anywhere from $900-$1200 per month. How about for a nanny? I have no idea how much nannies cost?

My mom just got laid off and I'm wondering if it would be more economical if I just paid her the money I would spend on daycare and she could help with childcare.  TIA

Re: Average Daycare or Nanny Cost?

  • That's about daycare costs where we live (SoBay). 

    We went with a nanny because we wanted more one-on-one time for our son.  We pay her $10/hour plus expenses. Have you thought about an au pair?  I have several friends who went that route... Au pairs are less expensive (about $250/week) but you have to pick up living expenses.

    Good luck with whatever you decide!
    - nance
  • We pay $230/week so appx $920 a month

    No clue on nannies
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  • How did you find a nanny? I've looked at agencies (by googling) but they are mostly for people looking for live-in nannies.
  • Nanny prices range depending on whether or not they are live-in...obviously.  Here is a website that has an estimate of costs for everything: https://parentcenter.babycenter.com/babyCostCalculator.htm?intcmp=promoslice_pos9

    As for your mom babysitting, as long as it won't affect your relationship with her and she is willing to do it- then that's definitely a great option to have.
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