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House before baby or vice versa?

Just wondering if most of the ladies had their babies after buying a house or vice versa.

A lot of people at work have been asking when we're thinking of having children and I keep on telling them soon (didn't want to make the anouncement yet) and they keep responding right afterwards, ,"Really? Well when are you getting a house?" It just sounds like I need a house to have a baby and it makes me feel like I'm being irresponsible if I raise my baby in anything otherwise.

Believe me, if I could wait to have a baby when we have a house I would but I didn't want to risk it since I recently had a right ovarian cystectomy that could have compromised the function of my ovary, which meant that I had one functional ovary.

Re: House before baby or vice versa?

  • What difference does it make... do what you want and what feels right to you. We live in the Los Angeles Area in a condo that we lease...We haven't tied up our money in any real estate yet. Instead we use disposal income on school tuition, vacations, and living in an extremely nice area. It's just a matter of preference and where you are on your path in life.
  • That's funny.Yeah, I think I said the same thing before I got pregnant.

    We just got married 7-27-07, we are looking for a house we can afford (ha ha ha) and I just got pregnant. Here's the thing, things happen when they happen.  I am thrilled to be pg, and we will move as soon as we can, the market is getting a little more affordable so that's good. If we get a place before, or just after the little one shows up, that's the way it goes. Of course I want to have a house first but we don't have a spare 200k lying around right now for the downpayment.
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  • screw 'em, it's none of their business :) it's your life and having a baby before a house it perfectly acceptable if that's what's right for you :) i hate when people pass judgment!
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