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Recs for OBs and Perinat. in the South Bay?

Hey Ladies!

I need to pick an Ob/Gyn and a Perinatologist soon. Anyone have any doctors they loved?

I also need to pick a hospital for delivering..I'm considering either Torrance Memorial, Little Company of Mary, or Daniel Freeman in the Marina.

Re: Recs for OBs and Perinat. in the South Bay?

  • I recommend checking out the hospitals yourself.  They will give you a tour of their facitilites and you can see things for yourself.  The number one thing I would consider is convenience.  Which hospital are you the closest to.  You don't want to be stuck driving in traffic while in labor- at that point you'll want the closest hospital possible.

    As for an OB-GYN- I have a few suggestions.  Depending on your insurance plan and the hospital you want, they may not all be available to you.
    1. Kay Elledge- referred by a very good pediatrician
    2. Nagamani Nadella- I went to her when I was younger
    3. Medical Group of Women Physicians- they are a group of 4 women doctors.  My friend went there and LOVED them.

    Good luck.  I'm going to try and get in at the Medical Group of Women Physicians and deliver at Torrance Memorial.
  • I see Dr. Beni Nahgi in Torrance (right next to Torrance Memorial). He's great. Your appointments will end up taking awhile, but that's because he'll sit in his office and answer any question you have no matter how long it takes. I believe he delivers at all three hospitals you mentioned, at least the first two for sure.
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  • Dr. Crystal Lynch delivered my baby...she isn't my OB, but she was awesome! I will be switching to her. Dr. Deepjot Singh is another OB that is highly recommended. Dr. Scott Naylor is a great perinatologist..patient, takes his time, comforting, clean, modern office, no wait. I delivered at Torrance Memorial..loved it there. To be honest, I don't know much about Little Co of Dr. only delivers at Torrance Memorial. Good Luck!
  • I use Dr Lisa Fisher.  She is right behind LCOM.  She is great.  She delivered my DD and will be delivering this one.

    I highly recommend LCOM.  I was there for four days and had fantastic care.  My 2 SILs delivered at Torrance Memorial and had horrible experiences.  I have also heard of other bad experiences there.  When I was in the hospital, my dr also had patients at Torrance,  and said they were doubling up rooms there.  There is no way in he!! that I want to share a room with another set of new parents and newborn.  LCOM hasn't had to double up in over 6 years.

    Tour all of the hospitals but also be aware that not all drs deliver at all hospitals.  The dr you choose will have their paticular hospitals they deliver at.  It also depends on your insurance.

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