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When can you run again after delivery?

I miss running so much it is sad.  I was wondering if you have to wait 6 weeks after a vaginal delivery to start running again or if you can start sooner?  What has been your doctor's advice?

Re: When can you run again after delivery?

  • Personally, I wouldn't do it sooner. People have different experiences but esp if you are b/fing I wouldn't. You have relaxin hormone in your body for months after PG. I ran right at 6 weeks with #1 and regretted it. Lots of knee pain.

    This time I waited until 4 months (what my trainer who's postnatal certified) recommended, and I had my first run today and it was great. I didn't do what she recommended (a run/walk), I just ran, but it was great because I waited.

    But it was easy to wait because I hate running inside/outside in the cold, and it just got warm here.

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  • I'd definitely ask your doctor, and listen to your body. With DD I started running 5 weeks pp. I felt fine, but did have a few episodes where I started bleeding again. If I started bleeding I didn't run for a few days after.

    With DS I started running again probably 4-5 weeks pp and felt great. (and actually ran a 1/2 marathon 5 months pp)

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  • for first DS i started running 4 weeks after delivery- but was very sore. this time i waited the full 6 weeks and its so much better this time.
  • Thanks for your responses.  Although I am anxious to get going again, I will wait.  I don't want to risk an injury that will put me out for months.
  • I ran again one week after delivery. I had an extremely easy and uncomplicated vaginal birth and was not breastfeeding. I started out slowly - but I also ran every day during the entire pregnancy, and went for long walks with DD starting 2 days after her birth.
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  • I was walking too much and started bleeding again 3 weeks after ds was born.  I would wait the 6 weeks personally.  It's just not worth it.  You can really hit the walking at about 4 weeks pp; it's only a couple of weeks after that.  You'll be back to jogging soon enough, those 6 weeks won't kill you.


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