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warning about Young America

We were told it would be in within 6-8 weeks and we're going on 13-14 weeks. Just a heads up, it's great furniture but order it EARLY:) 

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  • Thanks for the warning! I like their furniture a lot (haven't decided on them yet though). Which model did you go with? And color? They come in so many colors!
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  • We had the same problem!! Our crib is finally here and it is gorgeous, but it took about 10 weeks to come!

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  • We got the Isabella crib and dresser in Antique White, I loved it. But I'm sooo frustrated that they keep pushing it back. I ordered it in December and now they're saying MAYBE monday...Oh well:) 
  • This happened to me as well when ordering DD1's big girl room stuff.. I also have other Stanley pieces in my home.  It takes awhile, but well worth the wait!

    DD has the Ma Marie in black and I adore it :)

  • We ordered ours in January and were told it would take 6-8 weeks. It came in only 3! I read an article online that said that, since Stanley moved all production to the US in November, they try to ship all orders in 4 weeks. Hopefully that will be the case for you.

    We love our furniture by the way - it looks amazing!

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