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I was reading your blog and I also go to a Dr. K for IVF.  I am just wondering if we have the same Dr. K.  I love him!!   I have my first beta on Friday.  I love reading your blogs.  Thank you for sharing your experience with us. 

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  • My Dr. K is Dr. Kaufmann at Harris Downtown in Fort Worth.  I started calling him Dr. K on my blog after my blog popped up on a Dr. Kaufmann google. 

    I'm so excited to have finally graduated from his office but I miss him.  I cried at our ultrasound appointment because we won't be seeing him for a while.

  • Congrats on the twins too!!  I know you must be so excited!!
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  • I also have Dr K and I will miss him so.  Who is your OB?  I am looking for a new one. 
  • Sorry...I don't really check this board often..I'm usually on TTTC or Success After IF....

    Anyway, I see Dr. Adrianne Deem at Harris Southwest on Bryant Irvin.  She's great.  She's in a large practice (6 or so docs) I've seen three other doctors in that practice (long story) and they were all great guys too. 

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