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New to Dallas...this board needs some life!

Hey fellow moms -

Just thought I would drop in and say hi. I visit this board often, but there doesn't seem to be much going on! I thought maybe we could liven it up a bit.

I am new to the Dallas area. We live in Rowlett (anyone else close?) and I am a SAHM to Dakota who is a 9 month old baby girl.

What's going on around here for babies? I am looking for some fun activities to do with her during the day! And also looking for some work part-time ;)

Re: New to Dallas...this board needs some life!

  • I agree with you- this board does need some life! I am addicted to the 3rd Tri board.... but I would love to have a network of moms in the DFW area to chat with... I live in the Keller area- so I'm not near you...

    I love the name Dakota! We're expecting our first little one in September... I'll be staying at home and am really excited! I taught last year, so I have this summer off anyways... things worked out great though- once I started actually getting big, school was out and now I'm able to stay inside and keep cool... or go to the pool!

    Tell me this- what do you do at home to keep you going? I know kids take up a LOT of time... do you have a hobby that you like to do while DD is napping?

  • Welcome to the dallas area!  I'm in Keller (NFW) but drive through that area heading to East Texas often.  I wish there were more people on this board too!  I hear they are all on the knot still.
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  • I think most of us moms are on the DFW Nest.  You should drop by! :)
  • hey everyone! i will have to check out the nest dfw board. thanks for the tip!

    I love staying at home, and wouldn't trade it for anything the world! There are definitely days where I get frustrated, annoyed and sad, but that's everyone! I am so lucky to be able to stay at home with my daughter.

    I do a lot of stuff on the side to keep me busy! That is really important. I have a background in writing and graphic design, so I'm currently setting up a business to make invitations and scrapbooks and stuff. I hope I can get some business, because it's my passion and love doing it!

    I also love going to Target and shopping :)
  • Hello Moms,

    We also live in Rowlett and I love to shop at Target too :)  I have an 18 month old son and another on the way.  I have been trying to find my son a playdate. 
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