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I know you're in Keller... do you have any other kids or is this your first? My husband and I live in Keller as well- actually Ft. Worth, but it might as well be Keller :)

Will you be staying at home once your little one is here? Or are you already staying at home?

Are you involved in any playgroups?

Sorry so many questions! I'm just sitting at home with nothing else to do! :)


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  • Hi!  DH and I do live in Keller and really more in the FW city limits.  We're off of Heritage Trace and have been here for about a year.  We rented the first year making sure we liked the area after moving back from Colorado.

    I will be staying at home for at least the first 6 months.  I left my job and then found out I was expecting so never went back.  Been a nice break since November and hope to be able to remain at home longer than 6 months.

    I haven't joined any groups yet but have been looking into them.  Most are in Southlake/Grapevine area but would love to find something in Keller area.

    Are you a SAHM?

  • I just read your bio and saw your going to be a SAHM.. We should find some groups to join since our little ones will be the same age.  I have friends who have children in the area but are all older.
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  • Hey... how crazy- we live off Heritage Trace too!

    I taught last year, so I have this summer off (whether I was staying at home when she gets here or not) It has really been nice to stay at home! But I am getting a little anxious now. Google stroller strides... that's the group I have been watching for a few months now... it seems like they have a lot of neat things to do and plus, they have an exercise group... I thought that would be neat to get involved in.... if you want, email me at

    kristenkay at sbcglobal dot net

    Talk to you soon!

  • I just emailed you.  I always forget to check this DFW site.  We need more action on here.
  • I agree to the "more action on this board"... hopefully it will pick up.... I've emailed you back :)
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