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**Blueladubug & idfloridagirl***

I'm sitting at home with nothing to do so I thought I would try to start some new posts on this board... I am ADDICTED to the 3rd Tri board... so I would love to talk to ladies within the DFW area...

blueladybug- your babies are ADORABLE in your siggy pic! You said you were a teacher but now are staying at home... I taught last year in Coppell but will be staying at home this school year with my DD. She will be here around Sept. 4th. Have you joined any playgroups in the area?

ibfloridagirl- I recognize you from the 3rd tri board! I didn't realize you lived in the area! Where in Ft. Worth do you live? Where will you be delivering? 


Re: **Blueladubug & idfloridagirl***

  • Hi!  Just saw the page this morning (we own our own company and until Sept we will not have internet at home)!

    We live in North Richland Hills, we just bought our first house in April.  I work for my H in Haltom City, but that's just until Ike is here, then i will be a SAHM (a very poor SAHM lol).

    How about you?  Check out my blog or email me ibfloridagirl at yahoo dot com

    I am SOO interested in getting together with some DFW nesties, there are several of us on here!

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