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Mommy-to-be get togethers?

I am almost 6 weeks pregnant (YEAH!!!) and I am looking for ways to connect with other mommies-to-be... anyone have any ideas?  Exercise classes, get togethers, whatever!  Thank you!!

Re: Mommy-to-be get togethers?

  • I'm 14 weeks pregnant and would be very interested to get together with other mommies-to-be. What we do doesn't matter to much to me...
  • We are starting IUI, and I would love to find a group of ladies that will be pregnant around the same time or that are TTC.  If you find something like that, let us know.  There are a ton of Mommy-n-me meetups, but none for pregnant ladies or TTC ladies

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  • I would love to meet mommies-to-be. I've been in Dallas for 4 years now, but all my friends are single or don't have kids yet. I'm in Lewisville. Where are you ladies at? I'm currently training for the Breast Cancer 3 Day and enjoy walking. It's healthy, fun and can have great conversations! :)
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  • I live in North Dallas (close to Northpark Mall). I would be up to meet somewhere and just walk and talk! ;-)
  • If anyone is interested email me [email protected]  Maybe we can find a central location? 
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  • So fun!!  Yolanda I emailed you, so let's get this figured out!  We live in uptown right by the katy trail so that might be a good place but I can go wherever is easiest for everyone!  Would LOVE a walking group :)
  • Katy trail would be good for me, too. Other idea: Lake White rock. It's both not really close to Lewsiville. Maybe we can find something in the Middle (maybe in the Addison or Carrolton area). Or we could do it one week in Dallas, one week in Carrolton. What do you think about that? I'm gonna e-mail you in a sec.
  • I got your emails ladies, did you get my response? I started to think about it again, but with the heat maybe going to the mall (NorthPark or other) before it actually opens could be an alternative.
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