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Hi all,
I'm pregnant for the first time, 5 wks along.  I don't have a doctor (my normal doctor actually moved out of the state in August, and she was only okay anyway).  St. John's is the closest hospital to me (I live in South Shoreview), so I guess that is where I would deliver...unless any of you suggest another place semi close and/or have grips with St. Johns.  So anyway, any suggestions on an great Ob/Gyn located in say Roseville, Shoreview, Arden Hills, Maplewood area?  I'd prefer a woman.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, I'm pretty overwhelmed with this whole finding THE right doc thing...I feel like if I make the wrong choice then it is all down hill from there, yet it isn't like I can go to progressive auto insurance and get a comparison between all my different options.  Thanks for listening.

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  • I've heard good things about Partner's Obstetric's in Maplewood.  It's an all female dr. clinic that deliver's at St. John's. 
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  • If you are willing to drive just a tiny bit further, I highly recommend HealthEast Macalester Grovelend Clinic in St. Paul (See www.healtheast.org).  Dr. Swendroski has been my primary care provider there for 10 years now I cannot say enough wonderful things about the clinic and all of its staff.  Now that I'm pregnant I will begin treating with one of their midwives (first appointment tomorrow!) and I anticipate that I will continue to receive the top-notch care and customer service that I have all along.  HealthEast providers deliver at St. John's, St. Joe's and Woodwinds.  Good luck!
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  • Just a quick bit of info - if you prefer a woman and want your actual Dr to deliver your baby you may want to try a Family Practice Dr that does OB.  There a few at Allina in Woodbury.  I highly recommend Dr. Montague. She is great. 

    I was going to use Parkview (as they have OB's in office at Allina) but have tons of Dr's and whoever is on call is who you get when you go into labor and I did NOT want someone that I did not know. The only thing my gen practice Dr can not do is a c-section.


  • Hey! I live in Shoreview also - I go to the Vadnais Heights Health East Clinic on Centerville Rd. and Hwy 96.  I've been to that clinic since I was a child, and I am seeing Dr. Pearson (woman) she's great!   It's a Health East Clinic so they deliver at St. Johns, St. Joes or the Woodbury Woodwinds hospital.  651-326-5900 is the clinic #.... She's more of a family practice doctor that specializes in OB/GYN, but she knows her stuff and gets right to the point! :) 
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  • Thanks everyone for your suggestions!  I really appreciate it!
  • Congratulations! I live in Blaine and delivered my little girl at St John's in April 2007. I used Dr Pearson at the HealthEast Vadnais clinic as my Dr and she's also my daughters Dr. She's a family doc who specializes in women's health, ob/gyn and pediatrics. I can't say enough good things about her! She knows her stuff, but will sit and answer as many questions as you can come up with. I never feel like she's in a hurry when I go in for an appt. She also has kids of her own, which is nice. My sister-in-law also uses her as her Dr and she's ready to deliver baby #2 anyday. Good luck!
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