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Old Neighbors

Anyone live in the Highland area of St. Paul...I feel like all of my neighbors are old and have lived here for 20+ years.  My hubby and I are thinking of moving to a neighborhood with more young families.  I think, though, there must be somebody around us with young kiddos.  DS is almost 6 months old!!  Let me know:)

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  • We're more West End than Highland. We are on James between 35E and W 7th St. I have a friend from high school that does in home daycare and she is on Wellesly (not sure on that spelling) between Albert and Snelling. I know there are several others that we went to high school with that are around too, but I don't know specifically where.
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  • We live right near Larpenteur and Lexington and I have a daughter that will be a month old on Wednesday.  We're pretty close to you.  What kind of stuff are you guys into?  Feel free to email my [email protected]
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