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Petite Maternity Clothes

Does anyone know if there are stores that carry petite maternity clothes (especially suits for work)?  I haven't gone shopping yet, only looked online and it doesn't seem like there is much out there.  I really don't want to have to get everything altered! 


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  • You should try Bloomingdales! ;-)

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  • I think the Gap and Old Navy both had Short/Ankle sizes...but they won't have actual business suits probably.  I would probably just start searching online.
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  • Motherhood, Mimi and Pea in a Pod all offer SOME petite size pants.  For suits you'll mostly find black separates, but the jackets and tops are not petite.  If you have the money to spend you could always try Hot Mama in Maple Grove.  Good luck!  Amanda =)
  • I feel your pain. I too am petite and have to wear suits to work. Everything I tried on was so big, I wasn't sure what I'd do. I bought two "tummy sleeves" (one black, one white) from Motherhood maternity outlet and those allowed me to keep wearing my regular clothes for quite a while, until about 26 weeks or so. I think that option will depend on your weight gain, I picked it up pretty quickly and at 34 weeks am up 30 pounds now. What I do now is wear size small or size 2 maternity pants from Target, Old Navy, Gap and Kohl's and pair them with nice sweaters or button downs and a couple of my suit jackets that I just don't button now. Since my thighs and butt did expand, the pants turned out to be not so huge after all, however, I did have to hem all of them a good inch or so. Being short, I'm used to having to hem pants though and I do it myself. I also got a great basic black wrap dress on clearance on for only $16 and that has been great as it looks professional and stylish and is very comfortable. I also got a great pair of jeans that required no alterations on clearance at for less than $20, size xs, and they fit perfectly so their xs is pretty petite (I'm 5'3" and pre-preg weight was 105, a pretty consistent 2, sometimes 0, for your reference). Hope that helps, good luck!
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