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ballpark for daycare costs?

Anybody tell me what daycare costs are in the Twin Cities?  We live selby/dale area (st. paul) but I work dtn Mpls.  I'm going to pay premium, no?

W/ twins, would I be better off with a nanny?

Re: ballpark for daycare costs?

  • Not sure on day care centers but when we used a day care home provider for our son in the suburbs it was $140 this was about 3 years ago. I've been told higher for centers. Best bet is to check around... good luck!
  • Since I started doing a little research, I have found that centers can be $1000 or more a month for one infant; family day cares tend to be more inexpensive.
  • I would think you'd be better off with a nanny. Finding a home daycare with 2 infant openings would be VERY hard and a center would be really expensive. We use to have our DS at New Horizons part time and it was 185 per week. I think you get a 10% discount for more than one child in the center, but the 185 was with another 10% discount.

    Good Luck and Congratulations!!!

  • We are taking our little one to the Jewish Community Center in Minneapolis and it is $1270 for the month.  We checked out Kinderberry downtown and that was something like $2300/month.  I believe you will pay anywhere from $900 on up for a center.  GL!


  • I've been quoted $270-$340 per week for an infant for daycare centers.  Have friends that are paying $130 a week at an at-home daycare.  You may be better off with a nanny for twins.  Congratulations!

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