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Hi, I've been hanging out on Getting Pregnant, and now 1st Tri, but I thought I'd take a peek on the local board. Does it not get used? Anyone newly pg?

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  • This board moves VERY SLOWLY!!  It's kind of sad, but I think most of us hang out on the 06 mo board or the 6mo+ board.... I don't know, or maybe there aren't a lot of MN mommies around
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  • It's so quiet!  I check it every couple days.  I wish it was busier!

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  • I usually check it once a week. Maybe twice if i'm looking to kill some time. I mostly hang on the local board and the getting pg board. I am starting to check out the 1st Tri board, but I kind of forget it is there.
  • Welcome and Congratulations!

    I spend most my time on the 1st Tri board, but would certainly be happy to see some more activity here.

  • There is a MN Mommy google board. I think most of us hang out there. If you want to join post your email and I'll have the girls in charge add you!
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