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I am new to this board, I have been lurking for a while on a couple of boards and I'm deciding to finally start posting.

DH and I are officially TTC #1 starting this cycle - I am so excited, I've been ready to TTC for a while and DH wanted to wait for our 1 year anniversary - which is this month.  I just graduated college too so we've got lots going on!

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  • Oh - and if anyone has any good OBGYN recommendations in the St. Paul area I'd appreciate it (or anywhere near the metro - I'd be willing to drive further if the doctor is worth it!). 

    I do have a doctor that I've been seeing, but I've noticed through charting that my LP's are hovering around 9 days, they've tested my progesterone twice and both times it's coming back low, but my doctor is saying that I should just TTC for a while without progesterone supplements to see what happens.  I personally would like a 2nd opinion on this because I've read that low progesterone can affect implantation, and can also cause m/c in some women.  I'd hate to have a m/c and then find out I could have done something to possibly prevent it.

    Okay - vent over - if anyone has had experience with this sort of thing, or has any doctor suggestions I'd appreciate it - right now I just want to find a doctor who listens and understands that this is a big concern for me.

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  • I see the docs at Paul Larson OB/Gyn (across from Fairview Southdale). I know its not in St Paul, but they are really great and professional there.
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  • I second Paul Larson Clinic...I'm a patient there too.
  • Welcome!
    I would contact Stark at Southdale OB/GYN she works either at the Southdale or Fairview Ridges location. She is excellent and I loved working with her. There are also a few other Drs that I saw there that I just loved, Davenport was also excellent.
    Good luck! = )
  • I needed a little help getting pregnant and saw Ob/Gyn Dr Sam Arnold at Comprehensive Healthcare for Women in Woodbury. Very compassionate Dr! My regular family Dr took care of my pregnancy/delivery and I'd highly recommend her. She's Dr Anne Pearson at the HealthEast Vadnais Hts Clinic. There are three other Drs at the clinic who also deliver at St Johns, if her personality isn't a good match.

    If you're under 30, be prepared for most Drs to recommend that you TTC for a year before they do any testing/infertility help. If you're over 30, they generally make you wait 6 months. It's different if you have a known issue, recurrent miscarriages, etc.
    Wife to an amazing man and mom to three darling girls!
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