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DH and I have finally decided to TTC, but in all honesty, the thought of paying for child care really freaks us out because it's so expensive.  We talked about it, and even though it will be stretching us financially, we don't want to put off TTC any longer...

We're trying to budget, and so I'm just trying to get an idea of what people in MN pay for child care?  We already know that we need to try to keep this cost down as low as possible, so we are sure that we'd have to find in home day care as opposed to day care centers, as I'm sure they're more expensive.  We live in the north suburbs if that helps.

Thanks for your help!

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  • we have a SAHM watching our son.  so it's not really home daycare, not really a nanny.  we pay $275/week.  mind you this is in minneapolis proper, close to downtown.  i found daycare much cheaper the farther you get away from downtown.
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  • We live in Blaine.  We use a home daycare, paying $140 a week.  We love our provider :)

    Have you also budgeted for family health insurance?  That's a doozy too!  DH and I both had separate (free) plans until our son, now we have a family plan that's about $500 a month.  Ouch!
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  • we are doing part time with a in home daycare and paying 95$ a week. it is 5$ and hour for part time. we do 3 days a week. we live in woodbury.
  • We live in Blaine and use Sunrise Christian Daycare in Moundsview. Infants are $271/week and it drops about $50/week once the kids move on to the early toddler room. If you're interested in checking out a great center environment, Sunrise is the best!
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  • We are pretty lucky...our plan for right now is for me to work every weekend and 1 day during the week.  I work in health care, and so MH can be home on the weekends with the baby, and when he also has to work, either set of parents are ready and willing to watch the baby. MIL works in nursing it's possible that when she also has the random days off during the week, that I could call into work to pick up a shift.  I'm happy we won't be using daycare.  But of course this plan could always change!  I hope it works out though.
  • We pay like $260 for DS right now, infant room is more like $280 - FT, Day Care Center.  We love the staff, hours (flex 6:30-6:30), etc, but it is rather spendy - but still cheaper than a FT nanny for 2, and still worth working FT in my case.  

    I would recommend searching for a good in-home (note: there are some sketchy ones out their too I've heard from friends).  The options near us didn't work out so well or were full when we were looking for DS. Also, don't forget pre-tax dependant care reimbursement which many companies offer, and tax benefit of $5K a year. Every little bit helps.
  • Thank you for your responses.  We pretty much figure we're going to have to find something in home for about $500-$600 a month (hopefully we can find something).  I will definitely take advantage of the pre-tax dependent care.  More power to those of you who can afford it, but I cannot imagine paying $1,000 + a month for child care - we'd both have to get 2nd jobs to afford that!

    And yes, we have looked into what our health care will cost us once it goes up my work I'm lucky and it actually won't be too bad.
  • I'm an in-home provider and knowing what I know now, I would never use a center again (both of my older boys spend some time in a daycare center).

    CCR&R does a rate survey of DCP's every year, this is the link to last years for the 7 county metro so you can see the average for your area.

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  • MichelleWP - Wow - thank you so much for that link - that is very helpful!
  • I think before limiting yourself out of a center you need to do some checking around for smaller privately owned centers (and don't get freaked out by faith-based, for most that means they spend one day a week reading a story like "Noah's Ark" or the like and saying basic grace before lunch).  We take DD to a center just north of Hastings and it's great.  The thing about them is... trust your instincts!!!  We pay for 3 days $135 for DD now and she's in the toddler room (I think it's $155 for full time/week).  It's more expensive when they're younger because it's more one on one attention. 

    We checked out some in-home daycares that I would NEVER leave my child at from steep stairs to broken rails, etc.!!  There were others that were good.  The biggest thing we found as a negative is that several had unrealistic pickup schedules.  Some/most wanted the kids picked up by/before 4:30 in the afternoon.  That works good if you're done at 4:00, but I don't know too many jobs that are...  We figured out of 2 weeks paid vacation that the person could take, plus paid holidays, and it amounted to close to 1/3 extra for days that she'd not be there to watch DD...  At first the "lower price" looks good, but when you really stop to do the math, it adds up quicker than you realize it will so that a center isn't any more expensive. 
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  • We are doing an in home because the 2 centers down here have a pretty bad rep. We are in Owatonna and will be paying on the "low end" of $110 a week. But down here its almost impossible to find someone who takes infants.
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