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doctor recs?

Last month was our first month trying and BAM I got a BFP yesterday. So excited to even be typing this! I didn't think it would happen so soon and now I need to find a doctor. 

I started going to Family Tree Clinic (a clinic with a sliding scale) when I was in college and had bad insurance. I still go there even though I have good insurance through Blue Cross now. I would like to find a clinic I like. Any recs in Saint Paul, West Saint Paul, Eagan? Any thoughts on delivering at United (it is about 2 miles from our house)?

A little new to this and any input is good input. Thanks!  

Re: doctor recs?

  • Hi, this board is super slow.  Just thought I'd peek in today.  I don't know much about United, but I have heard good things about Regions and also know a little about St. Joseph's. 

    I really like the HealthEast System (St. Joe's, Woodwinds, St. John's Hospitals).  HealthEast Clinics has a group of midwives scattered across the East metro - supported by groups of doctors (i.e, in case complications arise, etc.).  The midwives are fabulous!  I think Lisa Matke is now at the St. Paul location (I used to see her in Woodbury)? What I like about St. Joe's & Woodwinds - they have the option for waterbirth.  It's a nice option to have in your back pocket if you are even considering it.  I'm planning my 2nd delivery, a VBAC at St. John's - one of the few hospitals in the area that perform VBACs.  I'm happy to stay in the same Hospital system (had DS at Woodwinds, which is excellent and highly rated, but probably further than you want to go).
  • I've had several friends who've delivered at Woodwinds and loved it! Most used an OB at the Adefris & Toppin clinic attached to Woodwinds (Dr Toppin comes highly recommended by my girlfriend who lives in W St Paul). One went to Dr Sheehy, a family doc, at the HealthEast Woodbury clinic and another used the Midwife group associated with Woodwinds.

    I delivered at St John's in Maplewood and saw Dr Pearson at the HealthEast Vadnais Hts clinic. I've bounced around a couple other health systems in the cities and have loved my HealthEast experience and would highly recommend them.

    Two other friends have had good pregnancy/birth experiences at United and saw Dr Becicka and Dr Ozel at the Allina Parkview Ob/Gyn clinic in Maplewood.
    Wife to an amazing man and mom to three darling girls!
  • I also recommend Adefris and Toppin.  I had such a great experience with them, and at woodwinds where I had my baby.  I can answer any questions if you have any!
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