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Eden Prairie Ctr is awesome.

I'm from a small town an hour west of the cities and we've been going to Eden Prairie Mall since I was a kid.  I now live in Eagan but meet my mom there occasionally.  It is the best place to go to for nursing mothers.  In the food court area by the bathrooms they have nursing lounges.  They have individual rooms with a nice chair and a sink right there in the little room.  

Why can't every place you go to have this? That would be awesome.

Just thought I'd share. 

Re: Eden Prairie Ctr is awesome.

  • Ridgedale Mall in Minnetonka has great restrooms too - like 4 family ones, 2 nursing lounges and regular bathrooms - I was way impressed!
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  • Anyone know about other malls with great nursing areas-Southdale or MOA?

    I agree EP Mall has a great nursing area.  Von Maur has a nice nursing area too.

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  • In MOA, Nordstroms, on the 3rd floor, has a really nice mothers room.  Also, Macy's, on the 1st, floor has a mother's room (not as nice as Nordstroms).
  • The Galleria in Edina also has "family rooms" that are very nice.

    Also, on the third floor of Macy's at Southdale, there is a small room attached to the ladies' bathroom with a couch.

  • I agree Galleria is nice
  • This is so good to know! Too bad I didn't know it right after I had DS....I agree with PP that every place should have this. Including workplaces- I hate pumping at work because I always have to find somewhere new to do it and I'm always worried that someone is going to walk in on me
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