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Hi LA,

Can anyone give me a quick summary of how to get started researching daycare centers?  I don't have any friends using daycare in LA and it is too soon in my pregnancy to ask around the office.  I live on the Westside and work in Century City, if anyone has specific recommendations.  General discussions (websites, Yelp?) would also be much appreciated.

Thank you!!!

Re: Daycare

  • If you are looking for daycare centers, I would start with ones accredited by NAEYC.

    Here is a link to the search function on NAEYC: 

  • Are you planning on using infant day care? There aren't as many that do that. The only ones I looked at were Les Infants in Santa Monica and Samuel Goldwyn-Bright Horizons in west L.A. (at least one parent has to be involved in the entertainment industry for S. Goldwyn). Both of these are highly accredited, but expensive.
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  • If you're considering Family Day Care, this website might be helpful.  I'm looking into family day care as an alternative to the large day care centers because the cost of the large day care centers can be very expensive ($1500+).

    Good Luck and let me know if you find anything.  I'm in the process of visiting family day care centers in Santa Monica now. 

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