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Weecycled Wear...Disappointing!!!

I was very excited about going to the Weecycled sale in Pickens (outside of Greenville) but it was horrible!

I did find some shoes, but the clothing selection was terrible. Basically 90% worn out, overpriced and mostly kmart/walmart clothing. The few name brand items I could even find were stained.

I will not be going back to future sales!!!

Has anyone been to "My child's closet"? It is coming up this week.

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Re: Weecycled Wear...Disappointing!!!

  • i agree! Weecycle was bad this season. It has been great in previous years though. you can really tell that the economy being bad has really hurt the consignment sales for this season. I wouldn't give up on weecycle just yet though. like i said, previous season have been great.  My child is 2 now and i've been every fall and spring since i was pregnant with her. and every year until now has been pretty awesome. But i defiently agree this year was very disappointing. My child's closet was to cramped for me to look. its in a very small space. as far as the clothes go...i'm not to sure. i only went to this sale once when my daughter was first born and havne't been back. but its worth a try. My husbands sil is coming up while My Childs closet is going on so i'm going to try and take her. This past weekend i sent to Asheville's weetrade. i think its over now but it was pretty good. Might be worth trying for the fall/winter sale. Another really good sale coming up is https://www.tottoteenconsignment.com/. This sale usually has great stuff at decent prices. This is my favorite bc they have some many Gymboree things. Now that i've wrote a book...just keep in mind the economy being bad this past year doesn't mean they are always going to be bad.
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  • I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought so!  I usually get my kids' seasonal wardrobe at that one sale but not this time.  So many clothes were stained or way overpriced.  Or just ugly.  And I didn't see a single pair of shoes I would buy. 

     Boo.  Maybe the fall will be better. 

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  • Have you checked out Little Pampered People?  It's on Wade Hampton Blvd. near downtown.  It's a children's boutique but they also have a large selection of children's and ladies consignment.  I have found lots of great stuff DD there. 
  • Mother's of Multiples is this weekend at the Hyatt, and its a great sale. I always find great things for my girls there.
  • I went to the New Mom's presale at Tots To Teens this week and it was pretty much the same thing you said with Weecycled Wear. Cheap/Dirty clothes and not alot of anything else. I was able to find 3 outfits but they were mostly in 6 months sizes. Tots to Teens is best if you are looking for kids or teens not babies.

    Trunk Treasures is coming up and it's pretty good. (trunktreasures.com)

    If you are in the Upstate pick up a copy of the Upstate Parent (momslikeme.com). I get it at Bilo most months. It always has listings in the back for the consignment sales and stores.

    If you are near Wade Hampton Blvd. Check out A Child Again (achildagain.com). They have great deals and cute stuff!

    I don't remember the name of it but there is one at the Carolina First Center twice a year that is really good. It comes in the Spring and Fall (The spring one was in March)

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