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Ryan or Matthew?

DH likes traditional names so we have been going back and forth for awhile.  At 37 weeks I really want to decide.  We are between Ryan and Matthew for first name.  Middle name is set as Dominic.  Which do you like better?

Re: Ryan or Matthew?

  • Ryan - but I'm biased Smile

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  • i like them both. maybe wait til he's here and decide?
  • funny you say that.. I think we might have to wait until he is here.  I like to have a decision ahead of time but it has been so hard.  I'm leaning more toward one and him the other but both ok with compromising.
  • Love both...but I think I like Matthew Dominic together the best.
  • I like Ryan better, because I hate the nn Matt
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  • Ryan
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  • I really like Ryan. I think Matthew is ok too though.
  • Ryan
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  • I love both but Ryan.
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  • Matthew!  It's more of a classic.
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  • Love both... Ryan is my husband's name and Matthew is my brother's name.  I think Matthew Dominic goes better together.
  • imageErin&Ryan:
    Ryan - but I'm biased Smile

    Same here. DH is Ryan :)

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  • Both are great names. I think I like Ryan better. Slightly easier to say and I like "Ry" over "Matt"
  • Matthew.

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  • i like them equally.
  • I like them both but Matthew is more common among people I know (3 close friends w/Matthews) so I would go with Ryan.  Either is great though.
  • I love Ryan..but I'm biased as well
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  • Ryan - it's the only boy name we agree on!
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  • Is this 1983?! 

    LOL, just kidding. The names are fine, they're just all the names I grew up with for classmates, and I married a Ryan!

    I like Ryan better.  

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  • I love Matthew!
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