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How much do you feed your twins?

My twins tured four months yesterday. But were four weeks early. I have been breast feeding and suplimenting with formula and expressed milk up until now and am in the process of transitioning to mostly formula. I have been feeding four ounces of milk/formula every three to four hours since they were a few weeks old. Now that they are so much bigger (14 pounds) I'm not sure how much to feed them. They had been eating two to three times a night but just stopped night feeding. I was reading online that some four month olds take eight ounces at a time which seems like a lot. 

How much and how often are you feeding your little ones? 

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Re: How much do you feed your twins?

  • I want to say that at 4 months DD was taking 5oz and DS was taking 4oz, they ate every 3 hours. 8oz at 4 months is ALOT, mine are 8.5 months and have never taken that much in one bottle.

    ETA: I wouldn't worry how much in each bottle, look at the overall intake; I think at that age its 28-32oz/day.

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  • When mine turned 4m, they were drinking anywhere from 5 to 8 oz at a time, 5 times a day. A week later they dropped the fifth bottle and started STTN. When they did that, they started drinking 8-9 oz per feeding pretty consistently. They were big eaters in the early months though, and chunked up fast. (And they were born at 37w6d so no adjusting ages.)
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  • Mine were born 8 weeks early but at 4 months they were eating 5-6 oz 5-6 times a day and for their night time feeding they would eat 8 oz. They were STTN by this point as well.
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  • hmmm, it's funny how fast your forget stuff. let's see my boys were born at 36 wks and at 4 mo they were STTN and eating 4x/day, 8 oz a bottle. shortly thereafter M started wanting MORE (like 10 oz a bottle), so thats when i started with solids (per pedi rec). 

    ETA-my guys are total chunkers- 95% for weight........ 

  • My babies are 3.5 months and they eat 5 times a day and each bottle is 5-6oz of pumped BM.  They top out at 25-30oz at the end of the day (DS is normally closer to 30 and DD is closer to 25)  I estimate that DS is about 14 lbs and DD is 11-12 lbs

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  • At 4 months, J was taking 8oz every 4 hours during the day and 6oz at night (38oz).  We switched him over to cereal per the pedi and now he takes 8oz 4 times a day and  usually another 2-4 with his rice cereal.  He STTN most of time now.

     E takes 7oz 4 times a day and off and on 4 though the night.

    I have always had really good eaters.  J is going to eat us out of house and home.

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  • wow, I can't believe how much difference there is in how much babies eat! I always BF'd so my girls never ate more than 4-6 oz. at a time. I only know that from pumping when I was at work. Otherwise, I always fed them on demand but boobies don't produce 8 oz. per time so my girls never ate that much at a time. I agree with another post that it doesn't matter how much at a time, just overall intake. They will stop eating when they're full.
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