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For those watching their weight

How do you deal with hunger cravings, especially at such a late hour or in the middle of the day? It is so hard not to give in, I have no self control, but I am learning. I used to be so good at this. So far I keep saying to myself what my goal is and looking at pictures of how I want my body to look.

What do you ladies do to get you through?

Re: For those watching their weight

  • I'll eat something low cal and filling like baby carrots or celery sticks...
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  • in the middle of the day just have a healthy snack available at all times.  Thinks that take alot of chewing/crunchy satistied me.  Small Apples or Oranges, berries, handful of nuts, string cheese, or carrots or celery, though with Celery.  At night I just would say, no eating until AM, sometimes I would just go to bed because I was hungry.  I also find drinking alot of water or low cal drinks helps, though I try to avoid anything with a hint of sugar, even the artificail stuff. 

    I so need to get back on the wagon....its so hard. I can tell you all day what has worked for me in the past, but here I am again needing to lose at least 20.

  • I just eat something very low in points, and know that by doing that I'm at least eating less than I was before.  For the first two months on WW, I had a snack size bag of 94% fat free popcorn with a diet coke.  I am NOT one of those people that can just all of a sudden stop eating crap food, so I just work with what I know I can keep up over the long term.  Even at night, I have a weight watchers giant fudge bar or ice cream sandwich every night (fudge bar is 1 pt, and ice cream sandwich is 2 pts).  Or I'll have a 90 calorie chewy granola bar or fiber bar, and I have a 60 calorie sugar-free chocolate pudding after lunch most days, too :) 

    It does get easier, but I was definitely hungry the first couple of weeks as my body adjusted, and as I figured out all the food "swaps" to make to make the most of my daily/weekly points.  For example, at first my turkey sandwich/chips lunch might have been around 8 points, but by swapping for different bread/cheese/chips, now it's only 4 points...I'm (almost) as satisfied, and I have more points to eat other food.  Hope this helps!

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  • I chew a lot of gum, I probably have 15 packs between my purse and school bags. That and if I'm home I drink a lot of water.
  • String cheese is a life saver for me. I am also trying to loose weight and I am on a very strick diet right now that, but it's been working. I think that as I am finally starting to see some results I am more motivated to say NO to all my cravings. So yeah... string cheese for me.
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  • when i was on ww i ate a lot of takes a long time to eat and is very low in points. too bad i can't afford ww anymore....
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    Yep, I'm a big fan of the 94% fat free kettle corn.  Filling, takes a long time to eat, and it's a good mix of salty/sweet. 
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  • Stephanie said it best. I find the trick is to make sure you've got snacks planned through the day. Makes it easier for me.

    My faves right now are:

    chocolate covered rice cakes (1 pt.)

    Snyder's Oat Bran pretzels (1 pt.)

    Kosher dill pickles (0 pts.)

    Jello snacks (0 pts.)

    Fresh fruit - apples/oranges (1 pt.)

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  • At night, right after I eat dinner I either have one glass of red wine (as my treat) or I brush my teeth right away. This prevents me from eating anything.

    The other thing is you want to eat filling foods--this will help with the in-between meal cravings too.

    For breakfast, I've been eating high fiber, low cal cereal (only 90 calories with skim).  This one meal has been helping me lose weight because I stay full until noonish.


  • For me when I was trying to lose the best thing was 5-6 small meals a day and trying to do a protein and good carb with each meal. I also knew what my 2 middle meals or snacks were. I would do string cheese with an apple, or baby carrots and hummus. And I would never skip one of those middle snacks even if I wasn't really hungry b/c it helped me not get straving or have hungry cravings at lunch or dinner and then over eat. Oh and I also kept snacks in my car. TJ's has their individual trail mix packets are great for the diaper bag, purse or car.
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  • I love snacking on hummus w/veggies, nuts, grapes, banana w/almond butter, lara bars, and sometimes decaf coffee will curb hunger too. 

    I like to play around and make different flavored hummuses (hummi?), but Trader Joe's has tons of flavors too that are all pretty good.  I use carrots, cucumber, and bell pepper as dippers.  That way you're getting in extra veggies, and truthfully, they are just the vehicle for the hummus anyway

    For cheese, I like snacking on a really sharp cheddar or spicy pepperjack.  That way you don't feel like you need a lot, but it has tons of flavor to make you feel satisfied.  

    Now that berries are coming into season, they make a great snack too

    The way I have the most success is  by trying to load my diet w/as many fruits and veggies as I can.  Not only am I getting all those nutrients, but they are displacing the crappy snacks I probably would have had otherwise.

    As for late-night hunger... well I do my best to ignore it or just go to bed.  Or I'll have like 1 small piece of chocolate or a bite of a cookie or soemthing.  or sometimes I just give in and have a snack, but I try to be good.  My standard "dessert' is greek yogurt w/either fruit or a little granola mixed in.

    For sure, it is a constant struggle.


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  • Go for a walk or exercise..even if it's just some sit-ups and push-ups in front of the TV.
  • I drink alot of coffee...not good lol

    And I will snack on yogurt, and the jello pudding cups,granola bars.

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  • I do popcorn or sugar free pudding snacks. Especially the new dulce de leche ones by Jello. Yummy.
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  • I follow a low carbohydrate eating plan so my answers are skewed in that direction. For cravings I typically eat someting high in fat like toasted almonds or something I've made with coconut oil or high protein like cheese/protein shakes/eggs. I find that because I eat low carbohydrate, I don't get the blood sugar swings that I did with other eating plans so I don't have nearly as many cravings.
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  • honestly, i can't let myself snack if i'm having a hunger craving that i know i don't need because it just wont end there. i'll say i'm only going to have a small snack but, then for whatever reason i just keep on snacking....i find the best way for me to avoid extra snacking is to just keep busy! as long as i am occupied, i forget i was craving something.....but lately, i have been CRAVING dark chocolate...yummmm
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