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Non-responsive baby at stress test?

Hi ladies. I'm a TTGP'er with a friend that is 35 weeks with b/g twins. She went for a non-stress test today and baby girl wasn't responsive. They attempted to wake her and still not responsive. She was promptly sent for an ultrasound where everything looked great. Both babies were moving and amniotic fluid looked good, but Baby Girl's HR was a little low for her.

They sent her home and told her to let them know if she noticed any changes. Well here's her problem. At this point they are both so close she can't tell who is moving and who isn't. While she was laying for the non-stress test she thought they both were moving. Clearly they weren't. And she's not going to know if Baby Girl's HB drops even more or stops completely. She's freaking out.

So I ask, has this happened to any of you? What did you/your Dr.'s do? What do you think my friend should do? Thanks for any responses!

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Re: Non-responsive baby at stress test?

  • My DS was rarely responsive during the non-stress tests and was always checked by u/s and shown to be fine.  Did the doctor seem concerned about the baby's lower HR?  I'm assuming that they weren't that concerned because they sent her home.  I'm not sure what else she should do other than go over her concerns with the OB.

    It is possible that she can tell who is moving and there just isn't a huge HR fluctuation going on while the baby is moving, which is what the non-stress test is measuring.  It doesn't pick up the movement, it picks up the heart rates.  If the baby is shown as active and looking fine on ultrasound, that is far more important than not having fluctuations during the NST.   At least that was my experience with it, my son is fine and has no health issues at all.  Hopefully I explained the NST's clearly, and good luck to your friend.   

  • I think mrscalkins did a good job explaining NST (which were always confusing to me) But I wanted to mention my experience...when I was 35 weeks they noticed a drop in Baby A's heartrate.  It went from 125 bpm to 80 bpm.  They gave me oxygen and had me move around and then it came back up.  They kept me in the hospital on monitors and that continued many times for a week until they delivered them.

    Was it a drastic drop in the baby's heart rate or was it just a little off from the normal heart rate?  If the doctor was not concerned than that would definitely give me comfort.  I do not want to be an alarmist but I wanted to share what happened to us b/c if there was a drastic drop I would probably call my dr if I was having difficulty feeling movement.


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  • this is very normal.

    I had NSTs from 32 weeks on, twice  a week.  At least one baby always failed pretty much every time!  I came to expect it at the end ;)

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