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Not fair! It was my nipples!

In the last four weeks I've gone up a cup size and suddenly I have very large, noticeable "THO" aaalll the time.

Well I just got an email from my public speaking night class instructor saying I would have gotten a perfect score except that I kept my arms crossed most of the time. Well, they were crossed because I thought my stupid nipples may be a little distracting and embarrassing, I mean there are more than 50 people in my class. More than one would have noticed. Especially the professor that sits right in the front row.

Sorry, just a goofy little rant that I thought I'd share.

 Stupid nipples.

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Re: Not fair! It was my nipples!

  • I'd email him and tell him that! I bet you'll get that perfect score. :P
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  • haha no joke. I guess I should have just let the flags

    This is my siggy. Love it.

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  • Haha, thats a bummer!  I would totally tell him, maybe you'll get bonus points too.
  • The past month my nipples seemed to have doubled in size and got turned three shades darker..They look so odd to me now..I was talking to my DH the other night about what if they never looked normal ever again and I was about in tears..(Which now that I think about it, it was prob hormones because they are just i feel stupid) He tells me he read in one of his fathering books that this was to make "bulleyes" for the baby and he thought it was cute..Which I knew but..WTF?..My DH of all people should be upset since he has to see them for the rest of his life..Strange

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  • Lol... Oh if you need to cover those nipples than cover them up. Im so embarassed by mine as the look like I have been feeding a small African tribe. I mean they are soooo long... Okay TMI perhaps.
  • My nipples always itch now haha.

     You should let your teacher know about the situation, that seems like a silly reason to dock points! :)

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    I'd email him and tell him that! I bet you'll get that perfect score. :P


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