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Anyone taste a smell?

The past couple of days, everytime I come into close contact with metal, I can smell it and taste it through the smell.  Has that happened to anyone? 

I was driving to work, and a semi passed me, and I swear, I could taste rust as it went by.  I can taste the metal on my diet coke can before it touches my mouth, and I can't even use the stove, because I can taste the burner smell...  it's the weirdest thing; I never had it with DS. 

DF said its synesthesia, but I doubt it.  Anyone else experiencing this?

Re: Anyone taste a smell?

  • I believe that the metallic taste can be a normal pg symptom.  I had it for about a month when pg with DS.  It's yucky!
  • I havent had that..but you do use tastebuds when you smell things so it's believable..I know I've described somethings as "You know how ____ smells, thats how this tastes" and I had a salad the other day that tasted exactly how it smelled.. Both gross ;) but I also heard metallic is normal in early pg..
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  • I had this happen to me when I first started taking prenatals..
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  • Hmm... well, I'm glad its probably normal.  It's really gross though- I'm nauseous enough as is, I don't need any help!
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