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Did you get Hemorrhoids after delivering and

if so, how severe were they, and how long was your recovery time?  Could you sit down? When did you resume normal "bum"/sitting activities. 

Re: Did you get Hemorrhoids after delivering and

  • I didn't get any hemis. Sitting  was ok, but you couldn't like slide your butt back in bed or anything you had to like sit directly down and very gently.
  • I didn't get any, but I was so sore from my tear that I had to sit on the Boppy pillow for a good 2 weeks anyway. And car rides were AGONY.
  • I got them this time and it is very uncomfortable.  I had to use Preparation H and Tucks pads.  I almost use the hemrroid suppository.  It took a good 2-3 weeks for it to "go" away.  I had to double up on Colace per OB.  I do not wish them on anyone, ever.
  • Oh boy did I have hemmies.  Even the nurse at the hospital commented on how painful they looked.  I never looked at them, but DH said they were huge and looked like they hurt.  I didn't really feel them until I got home and they hurt for about 3 or 4 weeks.  I sent DH to the store to get a donut pillow so I could sit down.  I carried that around with me everywhere for the longest time.  They still flare up every now and again.  The best part is the permanent floppy skin around my butt hole where the hemmies were (sorry if that's TMI).
  • I got one hemmie while I was pregnant and earned another after delivery. They hurt for a good 3-4 weeks. Keeping up on water, fiber, stool softeners, prep H cream and tucks wipes when having a bowel movement really helped.

    I referred to them as my "angry hemmies" because they hurt so freaking bad.

  • I did, but they didn't really bother me that much.  What bothered me were the stitches and general soreness from giving birth.  I felt better after 2 weeks.

    Now, my hemorrhoids (yeah, there are two) only bug me when I have a bad poo--either too difficult, or if I get the runs really badly.   They pretty much "go away" when everything's going well, though.  I take stool softeners to help.


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