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So what do you think?

I am almost out of my first trimester - 3 more weeks! :) I have just now started to play around with baby names. For a boy I was thinking Connor Harrison Whitley and for a girl I was thinking Lillian Danielle Whitley or Sophia Danielle Whitley. What do you think of these? Any other ideas?

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  • Im not a big fan of the name Connor but i do like Harrison a lot, i think it is a very nice name.

    Between the two girl names i like both and i cant decide which one i would favor BUT if i had too i would pick Sophia Danielle. Either way if you stick to those two girls names your daughter will have a beautiful name.

    Good Luck!

  • I like Connor & Lillian!
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  • Not a fan of Connor, but I love Harrison.  I like both of your girl names too, but I think Sophia Danielle flows a little better than Lillian Danielle.  Great choices!
  • I actually like all of your names.. If I had to choose though, I would pick Lillian for the girl
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  • I love Connor, Lillian and Sophia ... all great names! Connor and Sophia were both on our lists.

    Are the middle names family names or just names you like?

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  • Well Danielle is my older sister's first name, she will also be my baby's godmother. And Harrison is my father, oldest brother, and oldest nephew's middle name. So I thought it would be cool to keep it, too.
  • Boys name is cute. Girls name, I like Sophia better - too many L's contending for attention with Lillian Danielle
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    Boys name is cute. Girls name, I like Sophia better - too many L's contending for attention with Lillian Danielle

    Agreed - too many L's!

    How about Harrison Connor?  Connor is just way too popular these days.

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