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Recaro Signo G2

Does anyone have this or any other style Recaro car seat? What are your opinions of it?

Re: Recaro Signo G2

  • You might ask this on 12-24 and 24+. I think there are a few ladies on those boards that have Recaro seats.
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  • I have a Recaro Signo (not the G2).  On, people either love or hate it.  Personally I really like it but it IS a massive car seat.  It is often compared w/Britax which are also really great seats.  I was torn between the two but the Britax I wanted was over $300 and the Recaro was on clearance for $160.  Not that I wouldn't pay top dollar for safety but I just couldn't find any data saying that Britax were any safer.  Also, I think I read that the Recaro company makes race car seats :)
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