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Perinatologist's findings..or lack thereof

Do you think I should make the perinatologist aware of the fact that Nate is missing a piece of his brain that they should have caught on the big U/S? Would my OB have given them a heads up? I realize it doesn't change the outcome, but I am wondering if I have some sort of obligation to educate?

Should I bother? I am not planning on getting a lawyer or anything, but the ultrasound tech sure spent a whole lot of time looking at his head, you'd think she would have noticed....

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Re: Perinatologist's findings..or lack thereof

  • If you are sure it should have been clearly missing via u/s I would absolutely make sure the person who supervised the u/s is aware they made a very very bad error.  The 20 week u/s is certainly looking for abnormalities but not all of them are visible.
  • Ditto the pp. I would definitely let them know, for education sake.
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  • Ultrasounds have big limitations- they are only 2D images.

    At our big US the only thing the peri could confirm was that DD had a 2 vessel umbilical cord. They thought there may be some abnormalities of her hands and feet but they couldn't confirm. We even went to a very experienced radiologist for a second opinion and her couldn't confirm abnormalities. And we had a fetal echo of her heart which was normal.

    Then when she was born we  saw the extent of her congenital abnormalities- missing toes, disfigured fingers, a tethered spinal cord, low set ears, wide nasal bridge and then later on- a heart defect, delayed myelination in her brain, a dysplastic hip.

    I was so pissed. I was convinced that the peri could have seen some of these things on US (I mean I had like 10 US when I was pregnant, even the day she was born) but never said anything. Why didn't they? I'll never know and it doesn't change anything and maybe that's why they didn't bother worrying me with the what-ifs. But it's still something that bothers me and I know that it's hard to let go. 

  • i agree with amajane, if it measured normally and there were no other signs, it's totally possible that they did not/could not see it. 

    at our 12 week ultrasound they told us they had trouble visualizing the left arm and kinda implied that they couldn't see it because the baby was laying on it.  at 19 weeks it was obvious that there was no arm below the elbow, and i wonder if they knew for sure at 12w or if they really did not have enough visibility to make a diagnosis.  

    like you said, it doesn't really matter at the end of the day but i still wonder about it.  

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