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Down Syndrome Question

What are soft markers? I know that some people that have a child with Down Syndrome didn't have any soft markers during their pregnancy. Is it the more soft markers you have, the more likely it is that your baby with have Down Syndrome? Could that soft markers be a coincidence?

 Sorry for all the questions. I have an appointment with my OB on Fri. I just have a lot running through my head since my perinatologist  appointment this past Monday.

 Thanks for your help.

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  • Soft markers include shortened limbs, a thickened nuchal fold as measured during 1st trimester, and a spot on the heart.  I would imagine the more markers, the greater the likelihood of DS, but the only way to know is by an invasive procedure (amnio or CVS).
  • We don;t have a DS child but we were told another soft marker is brain cysts.....
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  • I belong to the Ds group on and there are several of us that didn't have any markers soft or hard for Ds, but went on to have a child with it. There are also moms that came over to ask questions that had 3 or more soft markers and their child was born w/o Ds.

    I had only 1 marker during my NT scan; a large nuchal fold measuring over 6mm. At our level II ultrasound it was back in the normal range. DD was measuring 1 day behind, but they said that wasn't considered a marker b/c it was only 1 day, not a week or more. As it turns out, DD is very small, she is almost 7.5 months and is only 11.7 lbs. So, in our case it truely wasn't a marker.  

    Good luck at your appointment. I remember having so much going on in my mind prior to our appt. Just try and remember to breath and write all your questions down so you don't forget anything.

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