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A "green" cleaner??

I am very sensitive to cleaners.  Whenever they are used around me, my throat becomes irritated and my lungs/chest start to burn (long after they have been used). 

After using a ton of Resolve Carpet cleaner today (which works great by the way) I am super sick. 

Can any of you ladies recommend a good cleaner that isn't so chemical laden?  I desperately need a good carpet and upholstery cleaner.  

My lungs and throat thank you!  

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Re: A &amp;quot;green&amp;quot; cleaner??

  • When we got new carpet, the salesman gave us a free bottle of this, and we've since ordered more from here.  http://www.ashleysgreenproducts.net/MysticalCleaner.html

    OMG, it's a miracle on anything that gets on our carpet!!!  Works like magic and is green (and odorless) too!  =)

  • Our carpets are light beige and we use oxy clean to clean them.  It does a really good job, and there is no smell!!  If we have a stain to remove we spray it with a mixture of water and oxy clean and rub it in a little, then let it sit for about an hour before we shampoo the carpet.
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  • I use peroxide in my carpet cleaner - Works like a charm!
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  • We use Biokleen Bac-Out on our carpet stains and I really like it.  I first got it to use with our CDs, but quickly learned that it's a great carpet cleaner.  It has a citrus base and doesn't give me that 'high' feeling I get when using other cleaners.

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