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18m-2yrs...what kind of cup?

So Maddie is still using this kind of cup (Playtex First Sipster), and I doubt that I'm doing her any favors b/c I know she is too old for it. She will drink out of anything, but I don't know if I'm ready to give up spill proof yet! What is your kiddo in this age range drinking out of?

I know I should probably switch to straws, but do they get the benefit (in terms of muscle development for speech and just general learning to drink from a cup) if you have a valve on a straw cup so it's still spill proof?

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Re: 18m-2yrs...what kind of cup?

  • I haven't given Natalie's cups much thought yet.  I'm definitely not ready for her to go without spill proof as she still sometimes throws her cup.  She still uses the kind you showed for her milk and then straw or sippy cups without handles for juice and water.  I tried switching her milk cup to one without handles the other day and she wouldn't drink out of it.  She's stubborn.
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  • We use take and toss straw cups, with just regular disposable straws.  They're not completely leak proof, but they don't spill too awful if they do get knocked over.  Even the girls still use these most of the time, and they can drink out of a regular cup.
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  • Ashley will occasionally use the cup you are using, but only if we let her take water to bed (b/c it is spill proof). We had been using the Nuby Soft Spout cups, but I think I packed them all up around 18 months (b/c I feel the same way you do, she was too old to use them on a regular basis). We started using the cheap Take and Toss cups, I have some with the spout and some with the straw. They work really well, but they do leak if you turn them upside down, I just have to keep an eye on her.
  • We still use spill proof!

    And my SIL whose kids are ages 2-7 still uses spill proof with all but the oldest two (and they might still use them around the house).

    I don't see the big deal in keeping a sippy cup. Brooks has great language and speech and uses sippies all the time.

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  • We still use sippies for the most part.  Liam uses all kinds - hard spout, soft spout and straw - whatever's clean LOL!  For a special treat, we give him liquids in a small open cup and he loves it and is pretty good at drinking from it, but he still gets 95% of his fluids from a spillproof sippy.
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