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Bumbo Chair for Special Needs

Not sure if you ladies have seen this yet but a lady on the TubieKids.com site (a site for tube fed kids) posted this info about a special Bumbo Chair made for kids with extremely low muscle tone to be used in play and therapy.  Just thought I'd share it with you.  Apparently some insurances may cover or help with the cost of purchasing one.


Re: Bumbo Chair for Special Needs

  • I'm really disappointed it's not similarly priced to a regular bumbo ($40?). I hope insurance DOES pay!
  • Well there's a $50 coupon so its $150, but that's still not too bad if you look at the cost of other chairs for positioning. I'd heard that something like this is in the works, glad to know its here, though, I don't know that DD will ever outgrow her bumbo. (severe weight gain issues) ;) 

    And by the way Istaylor. . .  So excited to know about NPO. I'm from NoVa too. Is the group still active? 


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  • Seriously, thank you for sharing.  I've been looking for something like this for a while.  It says the back of the chair is higher, so that alone makes it worth it to me.  Pricey, but it beats an inexpensive chair that doesn't help or adaptive equipment in the thousands of dollars.
  • I just "invented" something similar for my 5 month old son who has Down syndrome.  I sit him in the boppy, and then I use "my breast friend" nursing pillow wrapped around him ontop the boppy.  (don't ask why I have 2 nursing pillows...but as it turns out I put them to good use)  It looks kind of hokey, but it is supportive and gives him a "shelf" to play on.  His therapist saw it today, and said I should market it to mom's of babies with low tone issues!  It works great, and he loves to be sitting upright with support behind and infront of him!
  • We have done something like jptimestwo mentioned with a Boppy and other pillows. Our PT showed us how to do it and it doesn't cost $200!!
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