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Hi Ladies,

I am delivering at Rex Hospital (ins. is Cigna) and wondering if anyone can give me an idea of the average cost of a vaginal delivery and/or c-section there.  I tried to find online and couldn't.  I called Cigna but they are idiots.  We have to pay 20% up to $3500 and I am just trying to figure out if we will be paying the full $3500 or less.  Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Raleigh Ladies

  • I delivered @ Rex & the hospital portion of the bill that was billed to the insurance was $4352.00. I had a vaginal, natural, med free delivery. Not sure exactly what happened. I was supposed to pay 20% but I ended up only paying $55. Yay!

    I also had a bill from my OB from my first appointment @ 6 weeks through delivery was $4624.00 which I only paid 20% of.


  • I had cigna and delivered at rex.  I think it was between $2200-$2500 for a vaginal, epidural, birth.  HTH
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  • My c-section was $14,000 at Rex, that was hospital and OBGYN fees, I only stayed 3 nights instead of 4 for a c-section. I paid nothing because I had already paid my $500 deductible.



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  • I delivered at Rex and had Cigna insurance (since changed).  I don't recall the exact amounts but roughly for each birth, I paid about $500.  Both were via c/s; no nicu time or any other special circumstances.
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