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DH and I are not TTC yet, but something just occurred to me, so I'd love opinions.

My grandmother (Margaret) died when I was in HS and I was very close to her before her death, so I always thought I would like to honor her when naming my children. 

Unfortunately, I just realized this might not work because it sounds close to our last name (Martin). Does Margaret Martin flow well or is it too matchy?


  • Hmm...it's a little close for me but it is a lovely way to honor your grandmother. Could you use it as a mn instead? Or call her Maggie for short?
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  • I think it sounds terrible, but it has a beautiful meaning so who cares! 
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  • Well, when DH and I talked about it we had agreed we'd probably call her Maggie anyway. I would just be worried about "formal name moments" like graduations and job applications and it sounding funky.
  • I don't know how you feel about old school nicknames, but Daisy is a vintage nickname for Margaret. If her full name was Margaret _________ Martin but day to day she went by Daisy Martin, I think that would be fine.
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  • Oh, that's funny, I had no idea Daisy was a nn for Margaret. That's something to think about!

    Thanks for the input, ladies!

  • I don't think it sounds great, but I don't think it's terrible either.  I would go with it because of the meaning.
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  • It doesn't sound bad to me at all.
  • I don't think they go together, could you use Margaret as a mn?
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  • I like it!
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  • For formal occasions, they usually use your middle name or middle initial anyway, so it wouldn't be just Margaret Martin, it would be Margaret A. Martin (or whatever), which I think makes it sound better.  Also, maybe she won't be Miss Martin her whole life.  My first name sounds terrible with my new last name, but it was important to me that our blended family have the same last name.  And as PPs said, who cares what it sounds like?  The meaning is so beautiful!
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