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One minute they're just scooting around and the next they're in to everything. We so weren't prepared. It looks like I'm going to need to go and buy some babyproofing stuff this afternoon. Definitely grabbing some cabinet locks and although I said I'd never need it, a toilet lid lock (oh my god). Do they make locks for the bottom drawer of the oven? That's his favorite thing to open and, obviously the plastic ones aren't going to work.

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  • I think those exist; can't say we ever got around to it ourselves, though! :)  And I thought about the toilet lid lock but again, never got it.  Maybe when we move this summer and are in a less transitory situation.  I know HC used to close my dresser drawers on her fingers, and I felt awful when that happened, but I also felt like she learned pretty quickly that she shouldn't do that, so it seems to have stopped.  We absolutely have locks on all the poisonous things in the kitchen and bathrooms, though--no brainer there! It's so funny how one day it's no big deal and the next-trouble! :)
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  • Isn't it crazy how quickly it all changes!! Luckily for us, he isn't interested in getting into the oven or even the cabinets yet so we have the locks on the kitchen cleaning stuff only so far. We keep the bathroom doors closed so he can't get in there to bother the toilet. He probably wouldn't even know what to do. He has so many bruises from our hardwoods though! He just can't be content learning to crawl on the area rugs, has to move onto the hardwoods.
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  • They have these multi-purpose straps (2 come in a package) and most of my friends used these for their oven drawer. Just put one on each side. We used it for the sliding doors on our media cabinet. Of course Bailey learned how to take them off but he's only done it twice in the last 3 weeks. Now he just stands at the TV. We did a gate on the bottom of our stairs and did the dangerous cabinets. That's about all we did.

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