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DH and I just picked up our crib and dresser yesterday and there is a problem with the alignment in the crib to make it secure.  Anyone have experience with their customer service?  This is going to be a huge pain and it was way to expensive to not be right. 

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  • we had a major problem with the dresser we bought. they tried to "fix" it by sending new drawers twice, the third time, they just sent us a new dresser.

    Call the store you bought it from first to see if they'll just switch it out for you though. That may end up being a quicker fix.

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  • We didn't have a problem with our furniture, but I would call your store to exchange it there.


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  • I had no problems with my Munire crib/dresser, BUT I did find some errors in the directions for assembling the crib.  Could it be an error in your directions?  (I have the Savoy crib and dresser.)
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