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26 wk Peri appt - both twins hole in hearts

We found out at our 22 week appointment with our Peri that baby B had a flap that wasn't closing in her left ventricle, causing a hole and we scheduled a consult with the pediatric cardiologist during today's visit.  Well, while looking at the hearts today, it looks like baby A also has the same issue.  The ped cardiologist was really nice, and seemed very confident that she'll be able to take great care of the girls.  There's a very small chance it will heal by the time they're born, but if not, we'll be meeting with her to discuss what to do next.

It's strange, I wasn't as crushed as I was when they first told me about baby B, and I took the news about baby A a lot better.  I think it's because it's not so surprising this time around and I know that the girls will grow and develop just fine while in utero.  I'm still a little sad that both girls may end up with a heart issue when born, but for now I'm concentrating on getting them as big as possible.  Baby A is measuring 2 lb 2 oz, and Baby B is measuring 2 lb 3 oz--yay!

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  • Oh no.  It sounds like they are in very good hands and you're handling it very well though.  Keep cooking as long as possible, and take care of yourself.

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  • I forgot to add the really good news!  My cervix is measuring at 5 cm--I never thought I'd be so happy to hear about how long my cervix is Stick out tongue.
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  • Well it sounds like you are staying positive, which will really help you and those babies!  That's the best possible thing you can do for them right now : )
  • Glad you can stay positive and that they are doing so well right now.

    Are your girls identical?  Could that be why they have the same hole, I wonder? 

  • We had a heart issue with one of our twins. Baby B has an extra flap of tissue between the top right and left ventricle of the heart. We saw a ped cardiologist who performed an echocardiogram to verify that the rest of the heart was developing and functioning normally. The ped cardiologist was confident that the abnormality would correct itself at birth.

    I know it's really scary but there's nothing you can do but try not to stress and keep cooking those babies. I hope your next appts. go well.


  • It sounds like you're in really good hands.  While I'm sure you have bouts of worrying, it's a really good thing to have all of the information now.  It guarantees that your girls will get the best care possible from day 1!  And a 5 cm cervix?  Sounds like you'll keep those girls cooking and growing for a long time!  :) 

  • Caroline had a small hole when she was born.  Hers did close up on its own.  It was pretty small so they just monitored it, we had to visit the cardiologist to have him keep checking it.  Hopefully they will be big and strong when they are born and the holes won't be a major issue.  I'm keeping them in my prayers. 

  • Yay for your cervix, wow!  Keep up with your great attitude, and I will send thoughts and prayers your way too, take care :)
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