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Florida Vacation

My DH and I along with our boys and my side of the family (parents and sisters) were in Florida all last week on vacation I was hoping to maybe run into MoM's that I've met on here, but no such luck :)

 I did run into quite a few parents of twins and asked if they were a bumpie one of them mention she might look into it, I was surprised at how many twins we seen in just one day at Magic Kingdom and Seaworld, I do realize that a lot of them like myself are probably just visitors, but wow! :)

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Re: Florida Vacation

  • Glad you had a nice vacation!

    I too always wonder if I've seen fellow Bumpies out & about ---we've done so many double takes lately, seeing a number of double strollers at the mall, Target, etc.


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  • Sounds like a nice vacation - very cool seeing other MOMs out in public, too bad there weren't any bumpies there!!
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